Welcome to Myndscape Consulting.

Myndscape offers individuals and organisations a range of quality psychological consulting services. 

The RUSH Program

We provide a 3-day training course in the RUSH (Real Understanding of Self-Help) Program to correctional organisations.  RUSH is a 20 session Australian therapeutic intervention which incorporates adaptations of Marsha Linehan’s Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills training modules but significantly modified to  target vulnerable offenders exhibiting suicide, self-harming, and borderline personality characteristics and/or associated maladaptive behaviours. 

Forensic Psychology Services

We have specialist expertise in forensic psychology, offering consultation to forensic organisations including program design and delivery, policy development, and customised training packages for clinicians and/or correctional staff addressing a range of forensic areas, such as Violence Risk Assessment and Professional Ethics . 

Research and Evaluation

We also offer research and evaluation consultancy.  As part of this service, Myndscape staff have undergone extensive training in an outcomes focused data management and reporting system for human service organisations known as Efforts to Outcomes (ETO).  In collaboration with an outcomes measurement firm, Squared Impact, Myndscape offer expertise in the configuration and implementation of ETO , with our staff being Gold Certified ETO Administrators.

Organisational Consulting Services

We know that efficiency and professionalism are paramount to successful business. Our service will work with you to develop and improve your business processes through, for example, facilitation of meetings and workshops,   organisational audits, evaluations and needs analyses, workplace support, change management, and mentoring and coaching.

Training and Professional Development

We offer customized community education, training and professional development programs that aim to meet the particular needs of your organisation.  Examples of the types of workplace training programs we can offer include stress management, effective communication; professional boundaries, motivation,goal setting, and conflict resolution.